4 Signals Sent by The Body When You Consume too Much Salt

When people consume salt, and even when we do it in a habitual way, we have a bigger chance of getting sick and even more diseases and health problems that put our health at great risk.

owever, our organism always warns us in the event that we exceed in the consumption of certain substances, and with the salt does not occur the exception. Look at the 4 signs that you consume too much salt.

Taking into account these 4 signs that you consume too much salt , you will be able to keep alert and take care of your health.

Here are 4 clear signs that you consume too much salt.

1. Frequent urination

While it is true that urinating too much of it attaches to the simple action of drinking too much water, too much salt consumption can also bring about the same effect, because our kidneys work excessively to clean up the accumulated salt remnants.

If you have the problem of frequent urination and do not drink as much water as to attribute this problem to that fact, you may need to put less salt into your meals.

2. Persistent headaches

Recent research in the British Medical Journal shows that adults who consume more than 3,500 mg of sodium a day suffer in 33% more headaches from those who consume only 1500 mg of this substance.

High blood pressure, maintains a strong bond with headaches.

The research also provided data confirming that overweight people suffer from more headaches than those of standard weight.

If you have a few extra pounds and suffer from recurring headaches, your organism may be asking you to change your diet.

3. Be constant

This is one of the clearest signs that you consume too much salt.

When we consume foods with too much salt, the body needs to drink water from our organism to balance the levels of both substances.

That is why when consuming something salty our brain sends the signal of thirst and we dry the mouth.

If you are thirsty, you are likely to be eating foods with too much salt.

4. Mist of the brain

When we consume too much salt, our brain dehydrates and it is normal then that it does not work with clarity.

Several studies have already shown that dehydrated people perform much less cognitively.

To reduce the level of salt in your organism , just elaborate a diet with less sodium levels in its ingredients and try to drink more water every day.