5 Warning Signs of Stroke Before It Actually Happen!

If you believe that when a stroke happens that is just something unexpected of a certain type of a health issue in your brain, you are very much wrong. Strokes actually present themselves with symptoms beforehand. If you look up the symptoms and notice them, you might be able to prevent getting a stroke and actually save your life.

A stroke happens when the flow of the blood in your brain has completely stopped and the brain cells have started to die. Also, do not be so sure that only older people can get a stroke. Actually, more than 35 of the people who get hospitalized are under 65 years old.

When it comes to the causes and factors that can contribute to the occurrence of a stroke, they can be high cholesterol and smoking.

All of this said we are here today to present you with 5 warning signs of a stroke that will tell you when it is about to happen.

5 Warning Signs of a Stroke

  • Balance Issues

Most people who suffer from stroke has experience difficulty in balancing and coordination before stroke actually happens. If you are not sure with your balancing you can ask someone to touch your finger or nose and feel it and if you feel numbness it’s one of the indication. Another is a walk in a straight line then if you experience difficulty in walking straight, go to the doctor immediately and ask for medical attention.

  • Arm Weakness

People who are suffering from stroke can usually have unexpected weakness or numbness in their body, and it is commonly concentrated on just one side. WebMD have recommended asking the affected person to raise their arms above their head, can they do it? Is one arm significantly lower than the other?

  • Severe Headache

A sudden severe headache can be an effect of stroke. However, not all these symptoms that occur could really be because of stroke, headaches can also because of migraine. Make sure to call for medical help.

  • Confusion

Confusion is only one more of the symptoms of a stroke. This means that you would not be able to understand other people and even articulate your own thoughts.

  • Difficulty in speaking

One of the major symptoms of stroke is the difficulty to speak clearly that have the tendencies to slur the own words. If you notice this symptom try to speak the same word repeatedly and if you continuously slur then you should see a doctor and ask for medical advice.