World’s Most Expensive Pizza 170.000$!!!

Wondering what’s the World’s Most Expensive Pizza? Well you’re in the right place!

The World’s Most Expensive Pizza is: Pizza Royale 007 sold for $170.000.

Pizza in the second most popular dish world-wide surpassed only chicken. It is even more popular than bread so it is not surprising that someone decided to make the World’s Most Expensive Pizza.

This eatable masterpiece was created by Mr. Domenico Crolla (, a Scots-born Italian that runs Bella Napoli, the award-winning restaurant.

The 12 inch pizza pie comes with a mixture of world’s most expensive ingredients such as: caviar soaked in Dom Perignon champagne, Scottish smoked salmon, lobster marinated in cognac, venison medallions, the finest prosciutto and vintage balsamic vinegar. Above everything else it comes with a significant amount of edible 24-carat gold flakes as topping.

The story of the World’s Most Expensive Pizza starts with Mr. Crolla creating it in order to sell it off eBay in order to raise money for the The Fred Hollows Foundation.

At the end of the auction the pizza was bought by an Italian lawyer Maurizio Morelli, charitable food connoisseur from Rome, that is also involved with collecting fine wines and truffles.

Here’s a video of the entire preparation process:

Although this pizza was sold at a charitable auction it is still the most expensive pizza ever sold. There are a lot of $2000+ pizzas world-wide.

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