5 Things Guys Do When They Are Truly In Love!

We can’t help but roll our eyes every time we see a video on Facebook showcasing some man’s over-the-top display of affection for his partner. You know the type we’re talking about – the luxurious and extravagant Valentine’s Day dinners and the Tiffany-themed surprises.

Those classic displays of affection just set the bar way too high. Folks begin to build up grand anticipations as to what a man’s love should look like. That means our honest attempts at expressing love often go unacknowledged – or worse, ignored.

Here are 5 ways the average gentleman lets his woman know he loves her. These things may not come with a heavy price tag or entice thousands of Facebook likes but hey – life’s about the humble things, right?

1. He Displays Respect – This is the basis for everything that follows. If a man does not respect the lady he’s with – if he sees her as little more than a thing to fulfil his whims or make him feel wanted – he does not love her. He may thirst after her – but not love her. When a guy truly loves his partner, they are equals in his eyes. He talks to her not as somebody who should be following commands or bending to his will and morals but as somebody with valid ideas, perspectives and outlooks.

2. He’s Honest – There is no shortage of menfolk out there who can put on a really undoubted mask. They’ll say all the right things to make themselves seem like the ‘perfect man. But when a gentleman truly loves a lady, that’s not even a possibility. He’s not going to just ‘play along’ on dates with the purpose of getting in her pants. He’ll stand by his morals, even if she tugs him in the opposite path. Why? Since he knows the value of decency in a relationship. He’s not going to deceive his partner, only to sadden her down the road. He loves her, so he’s truthful and frank. Fellow men, if you feel like you’ve got motive to be whatever but honest and upfront with a serious partner, you’re maybe in the wrong relationship.

3. He Remembers Essential Things – When a guy’s in love, key things about his other half never escape his memory. He remembers what sort of coffee she likes and what her favourite song is. Of course, he remembers her birthdate and their anniversary. Why wouldn’t he? Love is one of the most fanatical natural human behaviours. This is essentially healthy – as long as the love is mutual, that is.

4. He Attempts To Be A Better Person – Love can make even the messiest of guys try to get their act together. It’s not even so much that he wants to compliment his partner with a wrong impression. He just holds them in such high honour that he won’t subject them to anything but his best conceivable self. In other words, when a guy is in love he honestly wants to become a better person. He knows his partner warrants that much.

5. He Will Fight – By the time a bloke is ready to settle down in love, he will have had approximately six hook-ups. Truly, people have studied this. Those 6 females will leave his life fairly quickly. Truth is, he maybe didn’t fight very hard to keep them around. He maybe didn’t think too deeply about making it through bumpy patches in those ‘associations’ or working to fix his errors. The only lady a man will do things like that for is the one he loves. He knows true love is not simply replaceable. He knows that if he lets the darling of his life walk away, he may never find a lady like her again. So he fights.

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