11 Natural Ways To Stimulate The Hormones Of Happiness

The happiness hormone can be stimulated by enjoying physical activity, with only 30 minutes a day will be enough. You can walk, run, do yoga and even dance if you want to feel good and boost the hormone of happiness. Taking in sunlight whenever you can and providing your body with spicy foods, chocolates, nuts and seeds, will also be of great help to you. Just do not forget to smile at the world, nothing like attitude. All feelings in humans, whether of well-being, joy and peace, mourning, depression and anger, are controlled by hormones and neurotransmitters. But you’re probably wondering, what are neurotransmitters? Well, neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that carry information between the brain and the body , are able to transmit signals between neurons or nerve cells in order to intervene in emotions, fear, pleasure, joy, anger, mood And perception of pain. Therefore, the emotional intelligence is the ability of every human being to become aware of the internal and understanding how to make emotions work well and not allow the mind to be governed.

Hormone of happiness: 4 major neurotransmitters

There are several chemicals involved in feelings but can be reduced to 4 main neurotransmitters that play an important role in feelings of well-being or happiness: 1. Dopamine : it transfers to the system the reward of brains and the production increases depending on the ways to find pleasure or when some objective is reached. 2. Oxytocin: Known as the love hormone, it is directly linked to human, trust and growing loyalty. 3. Serotonin: it is a molecule of trust, it increases the feelings of dignity and it creates sense of belonging. 4. Endorphin: are known as “high runners”, the release of this neurotransmitter increases happiness, making people have better management of stress and pain, reduce hunger and therefore increase immune response.

11 Natural Ways to Boost the Hormone of Happiness

Each of the neurotransmitters mentioned above can be activated naturally depending on the lifestyle you have, we will list certain activities to drive them without so much effort.

1. Do physical activity: it is one of the most truthful activities to boost the happiness hormone, as doing so releases endorphins, it will depend on you what type of physical activity you want to do : jogging, walking, yoga and even dancing. Always keeping in mind that the sedentary lifestyle is the main cause of depression.

2. Share with your loved ones: sharing with your loved ones makes it possible to exchange information, hold hands, embrace and all forms of loving expression generate small interactions that help increase oxytocin production.

3.Enjoy the sunlight: enjoy the exposure of the sun at every moment you can activate melatonin , which in turn regulates sleep / wakefulness rhythms and the production of serotonin.

4. Consume carbohydrates, spicy foods, chocolate, nuts and seeds : any of these foods have the ability to increase the number of happy hormones circulating in the body.

5.Enjoy aromatherapy : smells have a significant effect on feelings, aromas such as vanilla, coconut, lavender and rose are universally appreciated and known for promoting feelings of safety and comfort. Choose the scent you prefer and use it as much as you can to feel good about yourself, either in essences or in the form of aromatic candles, lighting them around your house, will help you create a peaceful atmosphere.

6. Cry without inhibition: just as laughter increases the production of happiness hormone, crying helps. Therefore, when you feel the need to scream or cry, do so because the body produces the endorphin fever shortly after you stop crying.

7.Massages: all types of massage influences, in fact, foot massages decrease the stress levels generated by the hormone cortisol and are replaced by serotonin and dopamine.

8. Smile: the brain does not distinguish the difference between the real and the imaginary, so smile even when you do not feel like doing it will fool the brain , it will produce more good hormones by the movement of the muscle in the face.

9. Listen to music: the power of sound is extraordinary, it can take you to the heights of ecstasy or to the depths of despair. Always try to surround yourself with sounds and music that appeal to you.

10. Become a master of new skills: learn an unknown language or start playing some instrument you want to learn, the brain loves the new challenges.

11. Practice gratitude: the best thing that every human being can do is to be grateful for the life that has been given to them, to begin expressing gratitude makes people full of positivity and, therefore, will stimulate the hormones that make them feel good .