This Dying Mom Threw Her Baby In The Toilet To Save Her Daughter’s Life

Her name is Jessica Arrendale and recently like each mother on the planet, she wishes her best to her youngster willing to do whatever it takes for her to be protected. Tragically, she wound up in a circumstance where a firearm was pointed at her and her 6-month-old infant.

Like we stated, willing to do whatever it takes, she prevailing to spare her child from her savage sweetheart.

She felt like her entire world was going into disrepair in any case, in spite of that, she did the most intrepid thing! Prior today, her sweetheart, named Antoine, begun to act all fierce and he undermined to murder her and the child.

What this casualty of family manhandle did with a specific end goal to secure her young lady is completely stunning, and is a genuine think about how she did it!


This is not the first run through her sweetheart was rough towards her, he even beat her with a play club. In any case, this bold mother still figured out how to spare her little girl.

The neighbors heard shots, so they called the police. At the point when the police arrived and held up 14-hours so they could enter, what they found in the house was stunning!

Two dead bodies and an alive child in the can.

Unfortunately, Jessica was discovered dead, drooped over a latrine. At the point when the policemen moved her body, they saw an infant in it. She concealed her girl and secured her with her body, so Antoine wouldn’t see her.

Jessica’s mom, Teresa Ianniello, believes that Antoine needed to shoot both Jessica and the child, yet was not able see the infant in the can, ensured by her mother’s body.


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