Are You One Of Those Who Likes To Sleep With Your Cell Phone Next Door? When You See What Happened To This GIRL, I Think You’ll Think About it 1 ONCE!

The cell phone has become a device “indispensable” for each of us, this appliance we carry everywhere, we use it at any time and as far as most of us have created their cell dependence is observed.

We can not deny that this device provides us with many facilities and comforts, depending on the person and the use it gives, can help us to do work, tasks, entertain us, keep us informed, informed, etc.

Using our cell phones and doing these functions is nothing wrong, the problem lies in the abuse we give in its use. In how we have been so connected to the cell phone that it could even cost us life, literally.

There are so many people addicted to the cell phone that can not leave them for a second without feeling uncomfortable and empty, this leads people to want to use the cell phone even when charging, others even sleep listening to music.

Both practices are very dangerous and incorrect. Performing them combined is even much more dangerous, ie listening to music using headphones while charging the battery of the phone could be lethal. We are not exaggerating, this is what happened to a young girl in Guadalajara, Mexico, who lost her life for doing this.

The innocent girl left her cell phone connected all night and also connected their hearing aids to sleep listening to music, but when the battery was full and still connected, an overload occurred resulting in an explosion.

The electricity generated by the explosion spread to the hearing instruments so that they burned and burned the young woman. The girl’s face changed color and became disfigured. Unfortunately he lost his life.

In the same way that this boy did this, many people do the same, not knowing that this could cost them the life. It is best to let the cell phone battery rest and never use it connected. And even better not sleep with the cell phone next to you but on the bedside table, where if for some reason something happens or happens, it will not directly affect you and cause injuries in your body. Please be carefully with your phones, if you thins that this is helpful please sahre with your friends.