Here’s a 3 ingredient delicious drink that blast your cholesterol and detoxes your …

Detoxes are all the rage. Many, including MD-Health, advocate baking soda for its antiseptic and antacid properties. Baking soda is thought to make one’s urine more alkaline, which means certain diseases are less-likely to thrive and gout and kidney stones are less likely to form.


According to 1 Million Health Tips, baking soda can also be effective in cleaning blood vessels and lowering cholesterol.

However, it must be said that drinking baking soda can be extremely toxic. MedlinePlus warns of the very real dangers of a baking soda overdose. 

Symptoms include constipation, convulsions, diarrhea, frequent urination, muscle spasms, and vomiting. If you suspect you are experiencing a baking soda overdose, call the Poison Help hotline (1-800-222-1222) from anywhere in the United States.

But when consumed in small amounts, baking soda can have a profound effect on the blood vessels and cholesterol levels.

1 Million Health Tips recommends a home remedy made from 1 kilogram lemon, 5- 6 sprigs parsley, 3 liters water, and 1 bag baking soda. Begin by soaking lemons in cold water. Pour the baking soda into the lemon water and allow the mixture to stand for a full hour. Next, finely chop both the parsley and lemon with the rind. Cook the lemon and parsley in 3 liters of water on low heat for 3 hours. After draining the mixture, you will be left with 1.5 liters syrup, good for 15 days.

Drinking 1 cup of the syrup on an empty stomach each morning can be useful in reducing cholesterol, claims 1 Million Health Tips. The elixir is not the only home remedy to clean your blood vessels. Healthy Food House recommends a blended mixture of 4 garlic bulbs, 4 lemons, and 3 liters boiled water.