People in general are used to not pay attention when there are certain changes which happen in and on the body. Were you able to see certain changes like when the skin becomes darker on places like for example, the armpit, groin, neck and nape? These dark spots probably you won’t like due to the fact that they may influence and bother you because of your look, however these spots may represent a much more serious and warning sign for illnesses such as hormonal disorder and diabetes. Well, what does this change of the color of the skin represents and what is the reason for people to pay much more attention when these changes of the color of the skin happens ?

These changes are shown by appearing thick, dark and velvety discoloration on the skin of the body, which actually create a condition under the name of acanthosis nigricans. So, these types of light brown or dark spots usually appear and are noticeable usually on the groin, neck, armpits and also below the breasts. These condition called acanthosis nigricans may start appearing at any age. Usually this type of condition appears within people who suffer from diabetes or those people who are obese. The kids who start having these spots when they are very young, have bigger risk from having diabetes type 2.

The changes of the skin such as itching and very slow developing represent signs of acanthosis nigricans. People who suffer from acanthosis nigricans it is normal to have changes on the skin. Of course you will be able to see that your skin on some places becomes darker, however this may take up to a couple of months or even years, because usually appears very slowly. The parts of the body where these spots appear probably will experience some itching as well as strong odor, however it does not happen that often. Furthermore, from this type of condition may suffer people who have excellent health as well. But, no matter what this condition is mostly connected with obesity. Why this condition appears? There are some other reasons which influence on the creation of acanthosis nigricans and in the following parts of this article you will find out which medical situations are included:


Insulin resistance

People who suffer from acanthosis nigricans become immune over the insulin. Insulin represents a hormone which is secreted by the pancreas and which gives the body the permission to process the sugar. So, if you are a person who is immune to insulin then you are at big risk or also you may be in danger of having type 2 diabetes. This condition when people are immune to insulin usually appears because people consume too much of the wrong food especially sugars and starches. This is going to make higher the levels of insulin. A lot of the people who suffer from acanthosis nigricans have bigger level of insulin opposed to those people who have the exact same weight but do not have problems with acanthosis nigricans. Big insulin levels create acanthosis nigrcans because these levels activate the insulin receptors inside the skin and this creates enormous growth.

Hormonal disorders

These situations are created due to some endocrine and hormonal disorders. The following are a couple of hormonal illnesses which may create acanthosis nigricans:

  • Pituitary gland disorders inside the brain
  • Adison’s illness or a condition created and provoked by lack of hormones within the adrenal gland
  • Therapy of growth of the hormones
  • Hypothyroidism or not very active thyroids

Using some types of remedies

People who are using oral contraceptives, prednisone, high-dose niacin as well as other corticosteroids have the biggest chances of getting acanthosis nigricans.

Different illnesses connected with to cancer

This illness of the skin has as well  has effects over women who have issues with ovarian cysts as well as women who suffer from lymphoma and also women who have cancerous tumor which grows inside the internal organs.

These risk factors of acanthosis nigricans includes:

  • Obesity

In case your weight has become bigger for quite some time, then you are in danger of having acanthosis nigricans


People who come from families and descent of Native America and those with descent from Africa usually have problems with acanthosis nigricans

Family history

There are a couple of types of acanthosis nigricans which turn out to be hereditary


So, if you happen to have acanthosis nigricans what solutions and treatments can be used? Well, some specific treatment or solution regarding this situation does not exist. The best thing to do is to first cure the conditions which cause this, conditions such as obesity and diabetes, so you may bring back or make lighter the skin color like before. If you want to make better the look of the skin which suffers from acanthosis nigricans in that case go to your doctor to subscribe you some creams and lotions so you can make lighter those parts of the skin. The creams and lotions we talk about usually are consisted of retinoids or vitamin A, alpha hydroxyl acids also known as AHA, salycilic acid and urea. Also dermabrasion or the laser therapy are very helpful in making easier the thickness of some of the parts which are affected. Also, visit your doctor and consult with him whether you should stop using some of the remedies in order to put an end to the acanthosis nigricans.

Prevention is constantly important. In order to stop the appearance of this medical condition the best thing to do is to have a new lifestyle. The first step would be to keep control of the weight mostly if you are obese or overweight. Plus, try to eat good, to have nice, normal diet and nutrition, practice and relax each day, all of these is essential for you to eliminate this condition. Avoid consummation of products filled with sugar and starch in order for you to lose pounds off the weight. As well skip using remedies which may make even worse the acanthosis nigricans.